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-4 AM Rant-

The most annoying question I’ve gotten from a person to date is: What is your sexuality?

First, I’m genuinely happy they tried to word it so simply, as in you might be straight or not but I want to ask in the least offensive way possible so you don’t hit me.

NOW! I hate this question. Why do I hate it? Simple! The answer is never either simple or continuous. This comes from the fact that my idea on my own sexuality changed every few months (give me a bit of time I could make a god damn graph with all sorts of stats and crap from my old statistic class). I groan in annoyance EVERY TIME someone asks. Because they want a simple answer “gay”, “straight”, whatever. 

The answer is never simple though! At that time, I can answer with basic confidence. But next month? The month after? HELL IF I KNOW! I’ve gone straight to gay, then bi. pan, asexual. None out of any real choice. Some months guys are more attractive (see blog) then others girls (not so much blog) then everyone seems wonderful. Then I like how relationships look, but I don’t want the sex aspect because it looks just not for me. 

If I get asked this question one more time, I might just start answering “fluid”. They won’t get it, but it’ll suffice for my answer. Because in the end, that’s how I feel. It changes every few months, and I hate that personally. It’s terrifying in the regard how long would one phase last if I was in a relationship at the time? I never know how long one phase might last before it changes. 

But in the end, i’ll hope if the human I picked was worth it, they can adapt and evolve. 

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